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Avoiding A Kitchen Sink Clog

Disposers are environmentally smart, but be sure you know the proper techniques for using one.

As long as you know which foods and products are ok to go done the drain you should be in the clear!

Apples, banana peels and citrus fruits are safe but remember portion control is key. Stuffing large amounts of food into the disposer at once can be trouble.

Don’t try to grind glass, plastic or metal. And make sure you wipe all grease and oils from your cooking pots! The less oil down the drains the happier your pipes will be.

Common culprits of a clogged drain: Baked cheese, egg shells, celery. pasta and potato skins. The starch from the pasta and potatoes can turn into thick paste and cause the blades to stick.




Have You Checked Your Water Heater Recently?

Water Heaters or located in areas of the home that we don’t pay much attention to. To help prevent water damage be sure to check your water heater often.